IST – Visit from our friends of Jewish Colorado – IST Youth Summer program at Kibbutz Revivim.

Weekend with IST

This month we hosted a group of 24 teens participating on IST – Israel Summer Tour – from our partnership community – Jewish Colorado.

The teens spent a wonderful weekend being hosted at Kibbutz Revivim with local teens and families.
They learned firsthand about life on a kibbutz and in Ramat HaNegev. They celebrated Shabbat, ate at the Cafeteria, enjoyed the pool, travelled in the area and most importantly built connections between peers.

Thank you to Josh Samet – Director of IST, Kibbutz Revivim Education Staff – Anna, Tzuf and Yaron – and of course to the teens and their families of Kibbutz Revivim.
Thank you to Jewish Colorado and CAJE for making this program a reality!