Workshops & Activities


Adama Hangar serves as a dance studio, concert hall (400 seats), hosts workshops and Festivals.
Liat Dror and Nir Ben Gal | Mitzpeh Ramon
08-6595190 | |

Archeological Conservation Center

Fascinating workshops on archeology and art are provided by the Archeological Conservation Center. Come build brick miniatures, fresco paintings, ancient Hebrew writing pottery and young archeologist classes. Workshops for groups must be booked in advance.
Ben and Dori (Shalom) Campbell | Midreshet Ben-Gurion
08-6532160 | 054-2443009 | 054-7631323 | |

Bein HaSheetim

A center specializing in instruction and development of challenge workshops in nature, in a space separate from everyday surroundings, in the heart of magical desert landscapes, utilizing the advantages of the desert environment and the uniqueness of the Negev as a location for development and action.

Belly Dancing Experience

Shows and experiential workshops in belly dancing – for women.
Peggy Asraf | Ezuz
054-5808433 | eyal.peggy@gmail.eom


Workshop on “making coffee outdoors” taught by the coffee shop staff.
Mitzpeh Ramon
08-6587777 |

Desert Yoga

Simple, pleasant yoga exercises in the heart of the desert. Experience or simply observe precise movement and tranquility.
Dana Bar YoseF Zaidman | Mitzpeh Ramon
08-6595164 | 054-5492415 |

Friendship Tent

The Friendship Tent at Desert Shanti offers various experiences including workshops, sing-along evenings, social activities, rotating exhibitions and shows. All proceeds are donated to youths residing at Shanti House.
Zipporim junction
03-5103339 | |

Masa Beikvot Ehad – life story tour

Customized “Family roots” tours in Israel and abroad: The route is designed according to the Family’s life story with stops along the hero’s journey, including re-creations and visual illustrations of meaningful memories in the original location where they took place, together with relatives and Friends.
Liron Elad | Kmehin
054-5325454 I

Medabrim Ochel (Talking Food)

Unique cooking workshops in Ayelet Raz’s home kitchen in Moshav Kmehin. Ayelet, a couples and Family therapist and art therapist, combines her love for cooking and hosting with her professional experience.
During the 4-hour session participants prepare, and eat, a complete meal.
Ayelet Raz | Kmehin
054-4444324 | |

סדנאות בטבע. מרקחת טבע - מצפה רמון


Nature’s gift

Experiential workshops. Perfume making in the incense root, The art of aromatherapy, natural cosmetics, natural medicine, living green, essential oils distilling.
Galya Ravits Karpol | Mizpe Ramon
054-4316157 | |


Orchot Midbar

Artistic pottery or ironwork workshops must be booked in advance. Activities and drummers’ circle will come to you at any location.
Golan and Savaze Gilboa | Ezuz
052-8481469 | 08-6571628 |


Recreational activities: birthdays and family events for all ages. Inflatable devices of all shapes and sizes, sound system, dining facilities – with operators for hire.
Shuli and Asher Davda | Midreshet Ben-Gurion
052-3444182 | |

Journey of the Third Kind

Private and group encounters with Astrology as a tool that guides and supports decision making at various times of life.
Ruthie Yaffe | Mitzpeh Ramon
054-5602240 | |


Theta healing, awareness, creativity and therapeutic workshops
Michal Or | Mitzpeh Ramon
050-8211067 | |

Oxana’s Kitchen

Cooking workshops and classes held in Moshav Kadesh Barnea. The workshops are suitable for groups, extended families and special occasions.
08-6573993, 052-2756225

Photograma – Experiential Desert Photography Tour

Guided tours combine photography lessons with the desert experience. Lectures on various subjects in different photography media, documentation of special outdoor events and a two-day workshop (for groups) that includes everything: tours in all-terrain vehicles and learning diverse photographic styles.
Irus | Mitzpeh Ramon
052-3691730 |

Photography and Empowerment for Women

Experiential photography workshop designed especially for girls and pregnant women.
Mazi Lebel Lerner | Ashalim
052-3930066 | mazallebal@walla.eom |

Sfat Midbar Art Center

Art and painting classes using recycled materials, outdoor art workshops, creativity and art at events. The center houses a gallery for rotating exhibitions.
Ofra Yitzhak | Midreshet Ben-Gurion
054-3090067 |


Tagaya is the art of movement comprising simple movements and deep breathing. This art strengthens your personal energy and sense of being alive, enhances the senses and enables a deep connection with the power of life and your inner strength.
Mitzpeh Ramon
050-5347253 | 054-4950434 | |

Tai Chi and Chikong in the Desert

Tai Chi and Chikong workshops, an experience for 4-10 participants.
Ruth Bouskila | Midreshet Ben-Gurion
054-4748595 | 08-6532236 |

The Art of Poise

Tai Chi and poise tours on the Ramon Crater promenade. On the backdrop of the amazing landscape of the crater, in the desert’s primeval, prehistoric wilderness.
Zafrir | Mitzpeh Ramon
050-7184945 |

סטודיו טוביאנה. צילום טל גליק

Tobiana Studio

Pierre Tobiana, former french theater actor and gourmet enthusiast, provides hospitality in his studio and guest rooms. Meals, lectures and workshops on the Comedia Del’Arte and Acrobalance may be booked in advance.
Pierre and Heli Tobiana | Ezuz
054-7927766 | | |