Event Organizers


This company with youthful, dynamic spirit specializes in producing events of all types and fulfilling all requests. The style we offer is diverse and sometimes surprising in its boldness, originality and the variety 0f elements it includes.
Ronit Uzan | Mashabei Sadeh
050-7644765 | rongil@kms.org.il | Kms.org.il/anis

Desert Knowledge& Synergies

Organizing & Initiating Conferences – Academic Tourism and Thematic Events.
Dorit Korine
052-3129054 | desert.knowledge@gmail.com

Eretz Midbar Tourism in Mitzpeh Ramon

Eretz Midbar Company was founded to introduce the many tourists who come to Mitzpeh Ramon to local service providers. The Eretz Midbar website offers activities, accommodations and food, workshops, tours and other ideas for recreation. We will gladly help you create the perfect Mitzpeh Ramon holiday experience.
Keren Rosenfeld | Mitzpeh Ramon
052-7331112 | 072-2485111 | eretzmidbar@gmail.com | www.eretzmidbar.co.il

 Tiyul Acher

Tiyul Acher Company is a leader when it comes to organized tours and producing events in the field. from a tour that lasts just a few hours to roaming tours that last several days.
Dovi Roll | Mitzpeh Ramon
08-6596192 | office@tiyulacher.com | www.tiyulacher.com