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מוצרים אקולוגים בחוות אשבא. צילום טל גליק

Ashba Farm

Organic Farm that cultivates fruit vegetables and herbs. On the farm is a shop that sells fresh and processed organic products and olive oil.
Shlomo Azulai | Ashba Farm
050-5488364 | 08-6550616 | ashbafarm@gmail.com | www.ashba.co.il

Carmey Har HaNegev Farm

Oils, preserves and liquors produced on the farm.
Judith and Yossi Kashkash | Mitzpeh Ramon
050-8725233 | 050-8725244 | kshkashim@gmail.com | www.kashkash.co.il

Grandpa Ricardo

Liquors and preserves made by 3 generations of Paris Family members. The flavors were developed by Grandpa Ricardo who left the original recipes of his unique delicacies to his descendents. The liquors are made of meticulously selected fruit and natural ingredients.
Fernando Paris | Tlalim
054-2249081 | Ferparist@gmail.com

בית הדבש. צילום יותם יעקובסון

House of Honey

A shop that sells home-made honey of different flavors. fascinating explanation on the life of bees, including honey-tasting may be booked in advance.
Eduard Philipov | Kadesh Barnea
052-3927085 | edidvash@bezeqint.net

גבינות בחוות נאות

Naot Farm

This agricultural farm combines goat herding, goat cheeses, a restaurant and lodging in comfortable huts. A shop on the premises sells goat cheese along with other products from the region.
Gadi and Leah Nachimov
054-4218788/9 | info@naotfarm.co.il | www.naotfarm.co.il

Organic Olive Oil

Organic olive grove planted in Ezuz River – a green oasis in the heart of the desert. We supply top-quality organic olive oil, with rich qualities and exquisite flavors – delivered to your doorstep.
Doron Akiva | Ezuz
050-4495717 | inFo@ezuz-olive-oil.co.il | www.ezuz-olive-oil.co.il

Shivta Farm

Sells high-quality honey produced from desert flowers.
Ami and Dina Oach | Shivta Farm
050-73838002 | nabato@walla.eom | www.havat-shivta.lanegev.co.il

Tzon Beerotayim

Goat farm established in 1985. The farm is organic and the goats graze in natural pasture in the nearby gullies all year long. On the premises you will find a dairy that produces organic goat milk cheeses and a lovely veranda for dining.
Celia and Dror | Ezuz
054-5655588 I 08-6555889


Cosmetics & Toiletries

מרקחת טבע - מצפה רמון.

Nature’s gift

Natural perfumes, deodorant, creams and ointments, emotional healing blends, charms. 100% hand and heart made.
Galya Ravits Karpol | Mizpe Ramon
054-4316157 | galya.karpol@gmail.com |  www.wholistic.co.il

Orly Cactus Farm

Cactus farm with shop that sells exotic health products.
Noam Blum | Near Yeruham
050-4240304 | 054-4803018 | orlycactusfarm@gmail.com | www.ocf.co.il

אוצרות הארגן בחוות אורליה. צילום טל גליק

Orlyya Farm

Locally produced herbs and oils – including Aragon oil.
Yoni and Orly Sharir
050-2993214 | farm@orlyya.co.il | argan.lanegev.co.il

Shirat Hamidbar

An experience of flavors and fragrances amongst spice and herb beds at an organic- ecological farm that opens its gates to anyone looking for a rich experience spiced with desert serenity and wondrous flora.
Golan Cohen
052-7021650 | shirathamidbar@gmail.com | www.shirathamidbar.co.il

Nature Scents, Faran

The Nature Scents Factory was established in Mitzpeh Ramon in 1999 in response to the demand for natural products that were rarely found in Israel at the time, and when knowledge on the nature aspect of the industry was missing. The Factory outlet serves as a visitors center that provides diverse, fascinating explanations.
Itai Kenan | Mitzpeh Ramon
08-6539333 | naturescent@barak.net.il | www.faran-cosmetic.com




DN Jewelry

Japanese beads, special creations For special women.
Debora Nahimov | Tlalim
052-4512232 I debora06@walla.com

Gala Jewelry Design

Designer jewelry in silver and gold, in clean and simple geometrical lines.
Galit AIfi | Ramon Camp
052-8508508 | galajewelry@gmail.com | Galajewelry.blogspot.com

Naki Design

Unique designer of silver jewelry – gifts for Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, weddings and births.
Sara Kalosh | Air Force base
054-4450776 | sara.j.dagan@gmail.com | www.naki-design.com

Roni Yaish – Designer Jewelry

Silver and gold smith, and jewelry designer.
Mitzpeh Ramon
050-3231559 | ori01@zahav.net.il




Artistic Embroidery

Embroidery incorporating Japanese beads with Swarovski and Czech beads.
Yehudit Rubicheck | Ezuz
yehudit2301@gmail.com | 050-7451350

Michal Frise Designs

Michal produces Judaica, gifts and ornaments. Prints pictures, personal dedications and branding on various products.
Merchav Am
053-8234588 I mfd@neto.net.il

Ofra Zaady

Artistic photography and graphic design, pictures of nature, animals and buildings. Postcards, assorted calendars, photo albums, coasters, place mats, wall pictures, artisticbags, greeting cards and business cards are all designed with these photos.
Midreshet Ben-Gurion
052-3552811 | zaady@bezeqint.net.il | www.desertphoto@co.il

Kishkushey Ofna

Fashion accessories sold.
Rachela | Kmehin
052-6266757 I she 100@walla.eom

Wrapped in Textile

Useful items wrapped in beautiful, exquisite textiles. Cork boards, bookmarks, mouse pads, notebooks and letters for childrens names wrapped in textiles to be used in childrens rooms.
Tali Yihye | Air Force base
052-2224807 | taliyl207@gmail.com



יקב אשבא. צילום טל גליק

Ashba Farm

Organic, ecological farm that cultivates fruits, vegetables and herbs. In 2011, the farm launched a unique organic kosher winery, supervised by Beit Yosef. The wine is produced from a local vineyard without using pesticides, not even natural ones! Guided tours may be booked in advance and visitors are welcome to buy products.
Shlomo Azulai | Ashba Farm
050-5488364 | 08-6550616 | ashbafarm@gmail.com

יין כרמי עבדת. צילום חוות כרמי עבדת

 Carmey Avdat Farm

Family owned boutique winery open for wine tasting to the public at large; organized tours must be booked in advance.
Hanna and Eyal Izrael | Carmey Avdat Farm
08-6535177 | Farm@carmey-avdat.co.il | www.carmey-avdat.co.il

כרם בחוות דרך ארץ

 Derech Eretz Winery

Winery on the Derech Eretz Farm was launched with its first crop in 2010. The winery offers a variety of wines and blends. Tours of the vineyard and winery are available, including wine tasting.
Danny Kish | Mitzpeh Ramon
050-5260768 | kishfarm@gmail.com

Kadesh Barnea Winery

The Kadesh Barnea Winery was the first family-run boutique winery, established in Ramat Hanegev in 2000 by Nira and Alon Zadok, among the first settlers in Moshav Kadesh Barnea (Nitzanei Sinai). The winery produces strictly kosher wines. Visits should be booked in advance.
Kadesh Barnea
08-6555849 | winery@kbw.co.il | www.kbw.co.il

Rojum Winery

Small winery at the Zel Hamidbar Farm in Mitzpeh Ramon. The wines are named after nearby Negev mountains. Tours and wine tasting may be booked in advance.
Ilan Tipati and Ziv Spector | Mitzpeh Ramon
057-8174917 | navadim@navadim.org | www.navadim.org

יקב רוטה בחוות רוטה. צילום טל גליק

Rota Farm

An agricultural and ecological ranch that cultivates vineyards that produce high- quality wine. Desert tours and wine tasting may be booked in advance, as well as meals at the farm and outdoors.
Erez Rota | Near Kibbutz Revivim
054-4968703 | rotawinery@walla.com | www.rotawinery.co.il

Sde Boker Winery

Boutique winery that produces small amounts of high-quality wine from grapes cultivated at Kibbutz Sde Boker and Ramat Hanegev. A tour of the visitors’ center may be included.
Zvi Remek | Sde Boker
050-7579212 | winery@sde-boker.org.il | sdebokerwinery.com

Sdema Winery

Established by vintners Omri Kaluski and Rani Fisk, this winery produces and sells (since 2003) a wide variety of red wines, interesting blends and grappa.Currently managed by Moti Shalev.
Moti Shalev | Kibbutz Revivim
054-2401134 I motis@revivim.co.il

The Wine Cellar

The farm cultivates vineyards, pomegranates and olives and houses a beautiful wine cellar with wines from local wineries for tasting and purchase.
Hilda and Moshe Zohar | Nahal Boker Farm
052-6822930 | 08-6573483 | Nahal.boker@gmail.com | www.bokerfarm.com