Food & Dining

Food & Dining

אוכלים פיצה בקפה עזוז. צילום טל גליק


Cafe Ezuz

Alternative desert cafe, offering fresh, simple and tasty cuisine based on local products. Home-made pastries, fine espresso coffee, bike rental, summer concerts under the stars, library and record corner.
Eyal and Peggy Tubul-AsraF | Ezuz
054-4226330 | eyal.peggy@gmail.eom

Carmey Har Hanegev Farm

Meals for groups by advance booking only.
Judith and Yossi Kashkash | Mitzpeh Ramon
050-8725233 | 050-8725244 | |

Chez Eugene

Boutique hotel and chef’s bistro in Mitzpeh Ramon. Chez Eugene is a special spot in Mitzpeh Ramon, on the edge of the world’s largest crater, Ramon Crater.
Arno Rodrig | Mitzpeh Ramon
08-6539595 | |

Deganim-Domino’s Pizza

Pizza, pastries, sandwiches and pasta.
Midreshet Ben-Gurion
08-6532332 | 054-3009469 |

Divrey Ta’am

Meat vegetarian, dairy and health meals for all events, from a couple to 200 diners. Food for the weekend must be ordered in advance.
Iris Sagie Fulton | Midreshet Ben- Gurion
08-6532144 | 054-8111863 | |

פיצה פנטזיה במדבר. צילום פנטזיה במדבר

Desert Fantasy

Fantastic pizzas, deliveries.
Ziv Sharon | Beer Milka
052-2322379 |

Desert Flavors

Authentic Bedouin meat or vegetarian meals. Take-away may be ordered to campsites and outdoor locations. Unique location and events (in the Ramat Hanegev Regional Council).
Awad | Bir Hadaj
Awad: 050-5388037 | Zafrir: 050-5385047 | elizerl


This natural organic shop and cafe offers organic food, natural hygienic products, perishable eating utensils and natural health counseling. Delivery as far as Beer Sheba. Open on weekdays between 09:00 and 19:00.
Mitzpeh Ramon
054-7599669 I


Bar, cafe, restaurant. Rich menu includes salads, meats, pasta, sandwiches and excellent hamburgers, accompanied by good music.
Mitzpeh Ramon
08-6588226 I

Hakatze Restaurant

Restaurant with a variety of dishes and an adjacent clothing shop/
Mitzpeh Ramon
08-6595273 | 050-8724063 |


The first neighborhood bar set in the desert. Amazing design in wood, entirely home- made and hand-crafted. The place is a spot for recreation, rest and relaxation from a long days trip and for advising visitors on the best things to see and do in the area.
Opening time:
Monday, Wednesday and Saturday- 19:00 till the last customer. Tuesday- Beer at 1 shekel- 22:00 till the last customer. Friday- 22:00 till the last customer. Closed at Sundays.
Serving Home mad Humus at Sunday, Tuesday and Friday- 12:00-15:00
Gilad Hayut | Midreshet Ben-Gurion

ארוחת ניגובים בחאן בארותיים. צילום טל גליק


Khan Beerotayim

Light meals, Matfuna and desert hospitality. Please book in advance.
Ofer Hartuv | Ezuz
08-6555788 | |

כנענייה. צילום טל גליק



Delicatessen for natural products, health snacks and fine cuisine. The shop offers high-quality local, Israeli and international products. Sandwiches, light meat or dairy meals, fine quality coffee, special snacks, beers and wines. All the products may be savored on a pleasant country porch. Closed at Saturdays and Sundays.
Gilad and Maria | Midreshet Ben-Gurion
054-7689464 | 052-4215144 |


Boutique bakery challah for the Sabbath, health breads and unique baking workshops. Hadas Meir | Mitzpeh Ramon
050-3611488 | |

Mashabei Sadeh Catering

Kosher, either meat or dairy cuisine. Picnic meals may be ordered.
Simona | Mashabei Sadeh
050-7214373 | 08-6565320 |

Meat Roll

Kosher Israeli meat restaurant, shawarma, felafel and tortillas. We cater outdoor meals for up to 40 people.
Gil | Mitzpeh Ramon
052-5978822 | 08-6343063 |

מסעדת נבטו בחוות שבטה


Authentic meat restaurant on Shivta Farm. Unique “madfuna” meals and rich meat stews. On Saturdays and Jewish holidays the meal is accompanied by a fascinating tour of Shivta ancient relics. Meals must be booked two days in advance.
Ami and Dina Oach | Shivta Farm
050-7383802 | nabato@walla.eom |

Negev Experience

Casseroles, catering services and outdoor meals. Support for cyclists, equipment for outdoor sleeping including tents, lighting water, firewood, cooking gas etc.
Micha Erez | Merchav Am
050-3018642 | |

Neve Midbar Restaurant

Chef Guy Peretz uses desert cooking methods and strictly local ingredients with an emphasis on freshness and seasonality to produce a different culinary experience. The self-service restaurant features cooking right in front of the diners.
Near Mashabim junction
08-6579666 | |


Chef’s restaurant in the new Ramon Suite Hotel. The restaurant offers a rich dairy menu including fine meals, salads, pasta, cheeses and fish.
Mitzpeh Ramon
08-6588884 | |

Quality Time

Café and Patisserie
As a cafe and patisserie in Yerucham, Quality Time’s restaurant and catering brings the experience of fresh tastes and café dining to your home atmosphere. It is a feast for all your senses as you enjoy our freshly brewed coffee, new take on classic dairy meals, and hand crafted desserts. All food is made by hand, with personal attention and cooked with love.
08-8655422  |


Breakfast lunch and dinner for groups of 40 or more. Events are offered for workplace groups, private events, conventions and seminars including audiovisual equipment and technical support.
Avner Aharonoff | Mitzpeh Ramon
08-6539222|050-2000230 |

Pizza Telalim

Pizzeria specializing in home-made pizza.
052-3259566 | |




Exquisite catering to any location: vegetarian, dairy, meat, gourmet cuisine- outdoors or anywhere. The flavorful experience lingers on and on…
Ronit Dahan | Midreshet Ben-Gurion
054-4732235 |

Sde Boker Field School

Kosher meals must be booked in advance.
Midreshet Sde Boker
08-6532016 | |

Khan Sfinat Hamidbar

Bedouin meals, kosher meat-based local cuisine.
Farhan Shalibi | Near Mashabei Sadeh Junction
08-6557318 | |

Shandoli Art and Food

Catering service for outdoor dining.
Yael Greenberg | Ashalim
Amir 052-2966447 I 052-3407273 |

Khan Shayarot

Meals in an authentic desert atmosphere.
5km south of Midreshet Ben-Gurion
08-6535777 | |

Zohar Bateva

Fine dining for tourists at Har Hanegev Field School; For families and organized groups touring the area or on their way to Eilat. Must be booked in advance. Kosher kitchen.
Mitzpeh Ramon
052-6202411 |

Grocery Stores

Liam – Kadesh Barnea grocery

Open: 7 days a week.

Mashabei Sadeh grocery

Open: Sunday – Thursday 9:00-13:00, 18:00-20:00, Wednesday – Thursday also open from 16:00- 20:00. Friday 9:00-13:00. Saturday 13:00-14:00
050-5413288 | 050-7254179 | 08-6565106 | |

Midreshet Ben-Gurion supermarket

Open: Sunday-Thursday 8:30-19:00 Friday 8:30-14:00

Sfinat Midbar

Open: daily 8:00-22:00.
We can open earlier for groups by prior appointment.
Near Mashabei Sadeh junction

Supersal Shelly

Opening hours: Sunday-Wednesday 8:00-20:00, Thursday 8:00-21:00, Friday 7:00-14:30 Mitzpeh Ramon