Historic Relice



The town of Avdat and other Nabbatean towns were recently declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. You can tour the residential caves and burial caves, see two impressive churches, a commercial center and bath house, unearthed in archeological digs and reconstructed in part.
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שוק נבטי בממשית


This Nabbatean town served as a resting place and also engaged in agriculture on the Spice Route. The largest buried treasure ever discovered in Israel was Found in Mamshit: 10,500 silver coins!, papyrus scrolls in Greek and many diFFerent objects. Entrance Fee required.
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World Heritage Site declared by UNESCO. Ancient Nabbatean and Byzantine town on the Spice Route. The site contains ancient churches, oil presses and horse stables. The visit to this location is a unique experience and offers a chance to get acquainted with ancient architecture preserved since it was built 2,500 years ago.
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