Galleries & Art

Annette Art

A display of various interesting works of art and creative workshops for small groups. Please book in advance.
Mitzpeh Ramon
08-6595145 | 052-6809094 | |


בנצי מצליח. צילום טל גליק


Benzi Mazliah

Painter and sculptor in stone and additional materials – iron, mosaic concrete and plaster molds, offers projects for kindergarten children and sculpture workshops. Sessions must be booked in advanced.
050-7599158 | 08-6572448 |

הגלרייה. אומנות מקומית בחוות כרמי עבדת


Carmey Avdat Farm

An agricultural tourist-oriented farm on the Negev’s Wine Route features a gallery that sells local artwork.
Hanna and Eval Izrael
08-6535177 | |

Carved in Wood

Carving by hand, maintaining the natural shape of the wood. Custom-made vessels and signs may be ordered.
Sarit Kleinhauz | Telalim
052-3271613 |

קדרות מדברית - רות בוסקילה. צילום טל גליק


Desert Pottery

Decorative and functional pottery, both wheel- thrown and hand-built Unique cacti and succulent planters, and functional waref
Ruth Bouskila I Midreshet Ben-Gurion
054-4748595 | 08-6532236 | |

Dikla – Pottery Studio

Gifts, pretty vessels, sculptures, handicrafts, classes and workshops
073-7254046 | 050-5864157 |

Gallery – Sculpture Garden

Fascinating sculpture garden with impressive Negev soil clay sculptures dealing with Biblical couples, encounters between nations, portraits and current events.
Margalit Kitay | Ashalim
050-2461209 | 08-6579704 | |

Itamar Greenwald, Ironsmith

Iron artwork embedded with stone, wood and glass.
052-6070577  |

Handmade Shofars

Shofars (rams’ horns) of all types based on Maimonides and “Shulhan Aruch”. Handmade artwork.
Boaz Drier | Beer Milka

Michal Frise Designs

Michal produces Judaica, gifts and ornaments. Pictures printed, personal dedications and branding on various products.
Merchav Am
057-8234588 I mfd@neto.netil

Nitza Bar Pottery

Ornamental and practical pottery works inspired by local scenery.
Midreshet Ben-Gurion
054-5495159 I

אורחות מדבר. צילום טל גליק


Orchot Midbar

Pottery and blacksmith gallery at Ezuz – a tour o Swezik and Golan Gilboa’s gallery that displays their local story and works of art. Optional workshops may be booked in advance.
Gilboa Golan | Ezuz
052-8039312 |

Rachel Zadok ״Vessel Making״

Creates useful vessels in a wide variety of unique designs. Visitors may buy at the gallery in the yard and order anything made of clay.
Kadesh Bamea
054-5550870 |

גלריית דרכי הבשמים. צילום טל גליק


Spice Route Gallery

Unique souvenirs and gifts inspired by the Land of the Bible and our work in archeological sites in Israel. Among other things: jewelry, oil lamps, mobiles, menorahs etc. You can also enjoy a variety of products in the gallery, natural cosmetics, gifts for babies and mothers, rattan furniture and accessories!, rope sandals and various utensils.
Liron Ben and Dori (Shalom) Campbell | Midreshet Ben-Gurion
08-6532267 | 054-2443009 |

סטודיו בר 3. צילום טל גליק

Studio Bar

Gallery and workshop for pottery, designs and hand-made gifts. Useful utensils, unique items for childrens rooms, Judaica and Jewish ornaments.
Ruthie Bismut | Ashalim
050-3340772 | 08-6557673 | bismutr@bezeqintnet |

The Smithy

In the heart of the desert among dunes and greenhouses, is an iron artist who showcases his artwork in the smithy.
Elon Shalev | Kadesh Bamea
050-4815551 |