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Ramat Negev Wine Route - Back

Ramat Negev Wine Route – Back | Click to download

Ramat Negev Wine Route - Front

Ramat Negev Wine Route – Front | Click to download


צימרים בחוות האלפקות במצפה רמון

Alpaca Farm

On the llama hill in the farm are five enchanting guest units – four suites and one studio, where you are most welcome to stay. On the farm you will meet exotic alpacas and llamas in addition to horses, donkeys, angora goats and other farm animals.
Ilan and Naama Dvir | Near Mitzpeh Ramon
08-6588047 | 052-8977010 | |


Desert Shade Farm

A farm located on the Ramon Crater cliff. The site includes a boutique winery, bicycle center, camel trips, ecological inn, events and authentic, delicious vegetarian food.
Ziv Spector | Near Mitzpeh Ramon
054-6277413 | 08-6586229 | |


בריכות שכשוך בחוות כרמי עבדת. צילום טל גליק


Carmey Avdat Farm

An agricultural-tourism farm on the Negev’s Wine Route. The farm has rustic B&B rooms with private immersion pools, a family-owned boutique winery that conducts wine tasting sessions, paid organized tours with prior booking and a gallery that sells local artwork and products from the farm.
Hanna and Eyal Izrael | Carmey Avdat Farm
08-6535177 | |


Carmey Har HaNegev

A farm that provides accommodations, hospitality and events. The farm has hospitality tents, 2 family rooms and one double room, a clean campground, petting zoo including ponies. Group meals may be booked in advance only and local oil, preserves and liquors produced on the farm are for sale.
Judith and Yossi Kashkash | North 0F Mitzpeh Ramon
050-8725233 | 050-8725244 | |


Orlyya Farm

חוות אורליה. צילום- טל גליק

Agricultural and tourist-oriented farm built on the remains of an ancient Nabbatean farm. The farm has rooms for couples and singles, treatments and tours by advance booking.
Yoni and Orly Sharir
050-9800069 | |


מעיין הנעורים. צילום טל גליק


Fountain of Youth

A farm that cultivates olives, dates, eucalyptus, pomegranate groves and an herb garden. The  farm has a lone hospitality hut for couples who want privacy, an event center for conventions in nature, eucalyptus grove for camping out and a natural salt lake.
Tchia and David Klinger | Fountain of Youth Farm 
054-2589589 | |

צימר בחוות נחל בוקר. צילום חוות נחל בוקר


Nahal Boker Farm

A farm that cultivates pomegranates, olives and vineyards for wine, and offers guest rooms and an inn for groups of up to 15 guests, a group tent that sleeps 30, a wine cellar with wines from most of the region’s vineyards.
Hilda and Moshe | Nahal Boker Farm
052-6822930 | |

אוהל אירוח בחוות דרך ארץ

Derech Eretz Farm

Derech Eretz Farm offers a Bedouin tent that accommodates up to 50 people in groups or singles, local art tours of the vineyard and winery including wine tasting. All-Terrain-Vehicle tours set out from the farm.
Danny Kish | North of Mitzpeh Ramon
050-5260768 |

בקתת אירוח בחולות מקמן

Makman Dunes

Isolated ecological holiday village located on the edge of Holot Mashabin Nature Reserve. The village has 4 guest huts for families, couples and singles looking for peace and quiet among the dunes.
Rodney and Tal Hirsch | Makman Dunes
052-2368175 | |


חוות מתנת המדבר

Matnat Midbar Farm

Agricultural farm with 2 lovely holiday homes for families and an inn for groups of up to 40 guests. The farm has a vineyard, lavender patch for oil and a field of crocus plants that produce the world’s most expensive spice – saffron. The farm hosts group tours by prior booking mainly in November to watch the magnificent saffron flowers in bloom.
Lilach and Gabriel Bar Meshulam
054-4862311 | |


צימרים בחוות נחל הרועה

Nahal Haroah Farm

A goat farm with two unique double hospitality units built out of local stone collected in the nearby gulley and hand built. The hospitality units were built in harmony with the natural desert environment and are an integral part of the scenery.
Avi and Yaara Saragosti
054-4835545 | |

צימרים בחוות נאות. צילום טל גליק

Naot Farm

Agricultural farm located on the Wine Route, combining goat herding goat cheeses and hospitality. The farm has a restaurant and accommodations in double or family sized huts. Gadi and Leah Nachimov
054-4218788/9 | |

חוות הגמלים בנגב

Negev Camel Ranch

The Negev Camel Ranch breeds and raises herds of riding camels. Hospitality and accommodations in desert huts and of course camel tours from one hour to several days long.
Ariel | Mamshit
08-6552829 | |


אוהל אירוח בחוות נועם במדבר. צילום - חוות נועם במדבר

Noam Bamidbar Farm

The farm cultivates organic crops – an olive grove for production of olive oil and by- products and a vineyard that produces local wine. Hosting of groups and families for authentic desert hospitality.
Harari Family | North 0F Mitzpeh Ramon
052-4651888 | |



פסלים בחוות רוטה. צילום טל גליק

Rota Farm

This agricultural, ecological and tourism farm cultivates vineyards. The farm has a winery, a sculpture garden with statues made by the owner, an inn for tourists and a family room. Tours and wine tasting must be booked in advance.
Erez Rota | Near Kibbutz Revivim
054-4968703 | |


בקתות אירוח בחוות שבטה. צילום טל גליק

Shivta Farm

The farm resides next to the ancient Nabbatean village of Shivta. On the farm: honey bees and high quality desert-flower honey, traditional desert stone building with 3 guest rooms and a restaurant. Meat meals and guided tours of the ancient relic may be booked in advance, provided there is a minimum number of visitors.
Ami and Dina Oach | Shivta Farm
050-7383802 | |


חוות זית המדבר

The Desert Olive Farm

Accommodations for couples, families and groups in Indian tepees, African hut or suite. Every tent has its own wading pool and heating in winter. An additional inn for 15-20 guests with private pool, huge Jacuzzi hot tub and private kitchen.
Or- Rav and Myrna Zarfati
052-5583065 | |