Mitzpe Ramon

Alan and Ayelet’s Villa

Spacious villa for families
Mitzpeh Ramon
08-6595555 |

4 B&B Zimmers

Luxury complex offering high-quality, elegant hospitality in new, superbly designed B&B rooms.
Shlomit | Mitzpeh Ramon
050-2260008 | 050-7119094 | |

Desert Home

Lovely guest units for couples, bordering on the desert.
Chen Hadar | Mitzpeh Ramon
052-3229496 | |

Desert Orchard

Spacious, air-conditioned, well-equipped family- size B&B and double B&B, surrounded by fruit trees.
Etty and David | Mitzpeh Ramon
057-8174748 I 057-2120555

Desert Peace

Two spacious and luxurious B&B units in Mitzpeh Ramon. The units include a double Jacuzzi hot tub, air-conditioning cable TV. Accommodates couples and families.
Rinat | Mitzpeh Ramon
077-7968483 I 052-2916525

Ein Mor B&B

B&B for two in Mitzpeh Ramon. Weil-equipped kitchenette, air-conditioning.
Reuven Kanias | Mitzpeh Ramon

צימר רמון מצפה רמון. צילום צימר רמון

Zimmer Ramon

Luxuriously designed B&B apartment suites (in a centrally located house dedicated to holiday apartments only). Large apartment of 2 bedrooms + a living room can accommodate up to 6 people. Family apartment of 1 bedroom + a living room, can accommodate a couple + 2 children. The double room is one large unit.
Dov | Mitzpeh Ramon
052-2644092 | |

 Fanny’s B&B

Charming guest unit in the heart of peaceful and tranquil Mitzpeh Ramon. The unit has 2 rooms and can accommodate either couples or families.
Fania and Yosef | Mitzpeh Ramon
054-7969750 | 08-6587027 |

האופק המנחה מצפה רמון. צילום: האופק המנחה

Guide Horizon

Luxurious rooms, specially designed with warm wooden highlights. Unique Tom-Car tour, a ride along the breath- taking cliffs of Ramon Crater, About 3 hr guided tour with tea break along the route.
Albert SteFan Azulai | Mitzpeh Ramon
08-6595333 | 052-3690805 | |

Home and View

Well-equipped luxury housing unit filled with peaceful energy, facing the Beresheet Hotel. Suitable for couples and families.
Susan | Mitzpeh Ramon
052-2680892 |

On Top of the Desert

Fantastic suite located on the desert frontier, in a place where the drowsy town ends and the desert wilderness begins. Designed to let desert lovers find peace and quiet in scenery that looks as if it has been here since the beginning of time and will remain forever.
Edna | Mitzpeh Ramon
08-6987007 | 052-7204774 | |

Orange Spot

3 homey holiday apartments for couples and families in the wonderful landscape of the desert and Ramon Crater.
Mitzpeh Ramon
08-6595648 | 050-5570156 |

Succah Bamidbar

Ecological guest huts in the heart of the desert.
Avi Dror | Mitzpeh Ramon
08-6586280 I

900m Villa

Spacious yet intimate villa overlooking the peaceful desert and spectacular sunsets. Suitable for couples and families, seminars and events.
Itay Aner | Mitzpeh Ramon
052-3295317 |


Holiday apartments for couples and families, in a renovated, redecorated neighborhood. For those who want to feel at home in Mitzpeh Ramon.
Mitzpeh Ramon
08-6588888 I 050-6757009

The Green Spot

Recreation and holidays in the Negev Mountains. Intimate, luxurious, beautifully designed guest rooms
Yaffa | Mitzpeh Ramon
050-5640203 I 08-6587293