Khans & Tents


In Mitzpeh Ramon on the edge of the desert is a magical hall that houses the dance troupe of Liat Dror and Nir Ben Gal. Adama Hangar serves as a dance studio and a concert hall (400 seats). The location also offers mud huts, teepees, overnight accommodations and a campground.
Liat Dror and Nir Ben Gal | Mitzpeh Ramon
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צ'אקרה - אוהל אירוח



Workshops, Story Telling and musical activities, sleeping accommodation with Sinai atmosphere
Sharon Maor | Mizpeh Ramon
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Eed’s Tent

Bedouin-style desert hospitality.


Hetz Basheket

Desert hospitality and accommodations near Mitzpeh Ramon. The site provides a communal sleeping tent. Private dome tents and campsite for personal tents. It also has clean showers and toilets, a well-equipped open kitchen at the guests’ disposal and lots of peace, serenity and inspiration.
Dror Gurion | Mitzpeh Ramon
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חאן חי נגבKhan Chai Negev

This ecological inn built entirely of mud offers desert accommodations, Indian tepees and ecological huts. Suitable for groups, families and couples. Desert zoological park with various animals, a petting corner and feeding area.
Benny Osadon | Revivim
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Khan Be’erot

Bedouin tent site in the heart of the Ramon Crater. A great departure point for setting out on tours of the region. Bedouin tents equipped with mattresses and shaded campground. Toilets and showers. Meals may be ordered.
Ramon Crater
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חאן בארותיים

Khan Be’erotayim

A desert inn built of mud, palm leaves, mats and recycled materials. The inn is in harmony with its natural surroundings. It features guest huts in various sizes suitable for couples, families and groups. Each hut has a shaded porch and sitting area. Short and long camel trips depart from the inn.
Ofer Hartuv | Ezuz
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Khan Merchav Am

Gracious hospitality in the spirit of Jerusalem. Accommodations for families and groups. Workshops and special activities, events and occasions, or just a social meeting over a cup of tea.
Nir and Itai
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חאן ספינת המדבר

Khan Sfinat HaMidbar

This desert inn offers hospitality and accommodations in a Bedouin tent bungalows and a hospitality center for groups. Camel trips, kosher food Bedouin style, varied tours and activities.
Farhan Shalibi | Near Mashabei Sadeh Junction
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Khan Shayarot

Hospitable accommodations for families and groups. The inn offers Bedouin tents, rooms, camel tours, Bedouin hospitality, and meals in authentic desert settings.
5 km south of Midreshet Ben-Gurion
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רוח האירוח

Ruach HaEruach

Pleasant, cozy hangar, designed for comfort and quality, suitable for groups and families of up to 20 people or less. Joint sleeping quarters in a charming wooden gallery. The inn has a large hall, well-equipped kitchen, pleasant yard, toilets and showers. Yoga workshops may be held; by advance booking.
Dana Bar, Joseph Zaidman | Mitzpeh Ramon
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Salman – Aricha Village

Bedouin hospitality in an authentic tent and organized tours displaying Bedouin life in the hidden village of Aricha.
Salman | North of Mitzpeh Ramon