The Nitzana Border Terminal, will be named after Lova Eliav

The principal land crossing between Egypt and Israel, will be named after Lova Eliav

The Nitzana Border Terminal, the principal land crossing between Egypt and Israel, will be named after Lova Eliav


In the presence of the Minister of Transportation, Israeli Katz, a ceremony will be held this month to officially name the Nitzana Border Terminal after Arie Lova Eliav.


The late Arie Lova Eliav was a great man who served as: a Knesset member, deputy minister, author, member of the Hagana, a leader of the clandestine Jewish immigration to Palestine, one of the founders of the Lachish District and the city of Arad, one of the initiators and visionary founders of the Nitzana Educational Community. He received the Israel Award in 1988 for his outstanding contribution to society as teacher, peace advocate and intellectual. Minister Katz agreed to join the collaboration proposed by the Ramat Hanegev Regional Council and “Eretz Hatzvi” – the Lova Eliav Commemoration Association – to commemorate his great contribution to the development of the Pitchat Nitzana region.


The border crossing, near the Nitzana Youth Village and Moshav Kadesh Barnea, within the jurisdiction of Ramat Hanegev Regional Council, is the major land border crossing between Israel and Egypt. Despite the events in Egypt, the crossing hosts diverse commercial activities including passage of cargo and goods between the countries: food and spices (mainly to the Palestinian Authority), chemicals, raw paper products, concrete and construction materials, seeds, textiles, nylon products, electric products and glass.


Last year, some 11,000 trucks and 2,000 people, mainly those deployed with the multi-national force, crossed at the border terminal.