The 21st annual “Ben-Gurion Walk”, November 16th 2013

צעדת בן גוריון 7 | Ben Gurion Walk

The Ben Gurion Walk provides a range of activities & experiences in the Negev landscape for groups & families.

Ben Gurion Walk # 21

Saturday, November 16th 2013

The Ben Gurion Walk has become a tradition for the last 21 years under the auspices of the Ramat Hanegev Local Council.

It provides a range of activities & experiences in the Negev landscape for groups & families.

Participants wishing to take part in this Walk must make their way to the Ben Gurion College, 4 KM south of Kibbutz Sde Boker.

Parking & the start of the Walk is situated at the entrance to the Ben Gurion College.

The Walk is divided into 3 categories:

1) A category for families (short walk of 7 KM.) & this year there are activities along the Walk. (Tasks for children & surprises for those completing all the tasks).

2) A category comprising challenges to the families/groups (an intermediate Walk of 15 KM.) including puzzles & challenges, both personal and/or for the group.

3) A category for sport oriented people. A new 22 KM. walk/run (without a stopover at Ben Gurion’s home).

In the middle of the Walk, at a preselected place located at the landing strip of Sde Tzin, David Ben Gurion will meet you!

Here there will be an opportunity to rest in the shade with different activities including a Beduin camp with coffee & tea.

Also there is a lookout enabling a view of eagles & other activities.

A dazzling finish of the Happening will take place with a wide selection of stalls suitable to all ages & interests…..

* A musical stall with local instruments.
* A recycling stall with a variety of interesting & enjoyable workshops connected to recycling (under the auspices of the Ramat Hanegev & Neot Hovav Environmental Units).
* A game stall including a playground & different sports activities.
* A food stall.
* An Israeli stall exhibiting handiwork & different items.
* A stall comprising a parade float produced by the High School of Environmental Education where students offer participants the opportunity to help build a float.
* A relaxing stall where peace, quiet & shade is offered.

There is a special option/offering to groups of more than 20 participants:

The Ben Gurion League – a competition between the participating groups (of the 15 KM.)
A unique closing ceremony will take place at the Ben Gurion Grave Site.
For further details & registration, please contact Yardena (052-3129054).


Participation Fees:

30 NIS per person over the age of 3 years. (early registration – until 10/11/2013)
(For additional details please call 052-3129054).

35 NIS per person after the 10/11/13 or upon arrival.

Special fee for residents of Ramat Negev council


Each ticket provides the following:

Insurance, parking, transportation to the start line, certificate & a medal.
All activities along the Walk, an entry to the Happening & to the Audiovisual Presentation.


Starting times:

The long Walk: 07.00 – 09.00.

The intermediate and short Walk: 08.00 – 10.00.

The event is due to finish at 15.00.

* The various tracks are signed and flagged.
* Water & toilet facilities will be available along the way together with an escorting vehicle.
* The Israeli Police will be responsible for security.