Sheizaf: the National Commission Has Approved the Establishment of a New Settlement in the Negev.

שיזף 3. צילום רועי רוכלין


The National Zoning Commission has approved the establishment of a new settlement in the Negev.


The National Zoning Commission headed by Dr. Shuky Amrani, acting General Manager of the Interior Ministry, decided to submit a recommendation to the government regarding the establishment of a new settlement in Ramat Hanegev – Sheizaf, in keeping with the initiative of Interior Minister Gideon Saar, approved by the government according to the new settlement establishment procedure, and following the National Zoning Commission’s recommendation.


The National Zoning Commission accepted the resolution by a majority vote after hearing all relevant parties including Shmulik Rifman, mayor of Ramat Hanegev Regional Council.


The mixed community will be composed of both religious and secular residents, with 250 residential units in Ramat Hanegev Regional Council’s jurisdiction. The approved zoning plan includes an employment zone, public and residential areas with adjacent pre-existing infrastructure for communications, electricity, transportation and sewage. The new settlement will not harm nature and landscape and will be built at a density of 2-3 units per dunam (1/4 acre).


The settlement belongs to Ramat Hanegev Regional Council, which includes 6,000 residents in 15 communities. Due to its proximity to Beer Sheba, the community is potentially attractive and its establishment will assist the Beer Sheba metropolitan area in solving housing needs due to the IDF’s relocation to the Negev.


The location of the settlement on lands near Ramat Hanegev Regional Council offices, with Route 40 in the east, access in the direction of Telalim Junction in the west and an access road to the council campus and future employment zones in the north.


Ramat Hanegev welcomes the national commission’s decision, approving the new settlement of Sheizaf in Ramat Hanegev by an unprecedented majority. Sheizaf will be a mixed secular and religious community settlement.


Shmulik Rifman, council mayor: The new settlement has been approved by the government and by all planning institutions with the assistance and support of Gideon Saar, the Interior Minister, who understands the importance of establishing this community. We are now preparing for detailed planning of the settlement adapted to local conditions. It will provide attainable housing and will meet the great demand by young couples who want to establish their home in Ramat Hanegev. I hope we will be able to begin construction within the next two years.