Shalom to all of our partners abroad!

A letter from Raz Arbel, Director of Foreign Partnerships, Ramat HaNegev, to all of our partners abroad

We would like to thank you all!

Thank you for the hundreds of emails you sent to support and encourage us.

Thank you for the dozens of phone calls to ensure that things were OK.

Thank you for the rallies you organized in solidarity with Israel.

Thank you for caring, for your desire to help, and for your endless contributions.

Thank you for making us realize that we are not alone in this war.

Thank you from all the residents of Ramat HaNegev.

Here is a short summary of the events in our area:

Several rockets fell in the area of Nitzana, and there was a great deal of concern due to fear of a terrorist attack in the communities adjacent to the Egyptian border. More than 10 rockets were fired at agricultural settlements in the Nitzana area by terrorists in Egypt attempting to aid Hamas. Two attempts were made to carry out terrorists attacks, which were thwarted. There was suspicion that a tunnel had been dug under the settlement of Kadesh Barnea, which was only recently proven false.

The Ramat HaNegev Regional Council and communities hosted hundreds of residents of the communities of the Gaza periphery, and offered them a safe place to stay, leisure activities, and hospitality. Throughout the campaign we cared for 643 guests with special needs and elderly people, 952 children and adults who arrived with their families, 256 children and teenagers who arrived in groups and 737 soldiers who enjoyed leisure activities during the campaign.

We also equipped emergency rooms and headquarters in all the settlements to strengthen the communities and to fortify security. We operated emergency services to provide an answer to any situation that might arise throughout the campaign.

We are hoping for quiet days!
Best wishes,

Raz Arbel, Director of Foreign Partnerships, Ramat HaNegev