Religious high school to be established in the Council

וועדת היגוי מועצתית להקמת בית הספר ממלכתי-דתי במועצה 23.12.13. צילום אדוה לויד

In December 2013, the Council’s steering committee convened to discuss the establishment of a religious high school in Ramat Hanegev. There is a great need to establish it in light of the blessed and welcome growth in the number of children born among the religious public in the Council.


The new school is planned to be opened, adjacent to the Regional Council complex, in the 2015-2016 academic year (September 2015).


The steering committee meeting was attended by representatives of the relevant Council departments (education, welfare, community, engineering, etc.), along with representatives of the Ministry of Education, of the existing religious communities and of the public at large.


The aim of the steering committee is to assist in shaping the character of the future school at the content as well as the planning level. The committee will operate during the coming year and a half until the school is opened.