Ramat Hanegev young adult delegation leaves for the World Jewish Young Adults Conference in New Orleans

משלחת צעירים לארהב - תמונה מהביקור 2

A delegation of young adults from Ramat Hanegev left on Monday, March 10th, 2014 for the World Jewish Young Adults Conference in New Orleans, together with young adults from the Jewish community of Denver.


Every year, hundreds of young people aged 23-30 gather for the big “TribeFest” conference held by the Jewish Federations of North America – JFNA .

This year the conference was held in New Orleans, music capital of America.


Participants came for four days, during which issues related to Jewish society, Jewish values , the connection of young American Jews with Israel and universal topics related to the Jewish world, were addressed.


After several years of supporting Ramat Hanegev’s Young Adults Center by the Jewish Federation of Denver, we decided to leverage the opportunity for the young adults in both communities to get to know each other and connect more deeply by sending a joint delegation of Ramat Hanegev and the Denver Jewish community to the young adults conference in New Orleans.


The Federation’s YAD Committee decided to host the Israeli contingent in Denver for 4 days, to celebrate Purim and take advantage of the time together to engage in dialogue and preparation for the departure of 40 young adults from Denver for the TribeFest conference.


The Israeli delegation from Ramat Hanegev was selected from a large number of applicants according to criteria of individual talent and ability, English language skills, personal background and the extent of their involvement in the young adults center or in the social and/or cultural life in Ramat Hanegev.


Selected for the delegation were: Moriah Ben Ami from Revivim as head of delegation, Amir Pe’er from Kibbutz Sde Boker, Lior Zalof from Nitzana, Sapir Biton from Midreshet Ben-Gurion , Ma’ayan Weingarten from the Ayalim Student Village.


The delegation networked with many young adults from the Denver community, met with many people and organizations in the community and strengthened the inter-community ties. The delegation is jointly funded by Ramat Hanegev and the Jewish community in Denver.


Many thanks to Na’ama Haimov coordinator of the Young Adult Forum at the regional council, for the preparation sessions and screening process.