Ramat Hanegev Employees Receive a “Local Gift” for Rosh Hashanah

The council held a “local gift” fair where employees could purchase the gifts of their choice.

As part of the regional council’s concentrated efforts to assist small businesses throughout Ramat Hanegev and to boost the local economy, Council Mayor Shmuel Rifman decided that this year Ramat Hanegev employees’ traditional gift vouchers be exchanged for local ‘home-grown’ products and services.

On September 22nd the Council held a “local gift” fair where employees could purchase the gifts of their choice.

Following the financial losses incurred by many businesses in the South in general, and in Ramat Hanegev in particular, as a result of “Operation Protective Edge”, Mayor Shmulik Rifman decided that the traditional gift vouchers received by employees on Rosh Hashanah be converted into a ‘’local gift” they could buy from a large selection of local Ramat Hanegev goods and services.

“Regrettably”, wrote Rifman to employees explaining his decision, “many small businesses in the South and in Ramat Hanegev suffered a severe economic blow this past summer. The state of war in our country resulted in a serious decline in tourism, as well as in general purchases and sale of good and services. I therefore decided that the Council and its employees should make a one-time concession this Rosh Hashanah: to exchange their gift vouchers for buying local, home-grown Ramat Hanegev products, as a way to boost the local economy. In addition, we held a fair where the finest Ramat Hanegev products were on display for the employees to enjoy”. Following the mayor’s directive issued at the beginning of September, the Council approached local suppliers and small business owners to take part and sell their products to the Council’s employees at the fair, which was subsequently held at the Regional Center on September 22nd under the banner: ‘local gifts – to boost the local economy’.

“I hope”, Rifman concludes, “that this step has been well received, and together we have contributed to strengthening our ‘local economy’ while enjoying the region’s superb products.”