Davis Fund student scholarships 2013

Proud to be from Ramat Hanegev: the Davis Fund awards student scholarships

This is the second year in which the higher education fund established by the Davis family, Ramat Hanegev Regional Council and the Las Vegas Jewish Federation awarded 210 scholarships (around 90 more requests than last year).


Of all scholarship recipients, 21 larger scholarships were awarded for social involvement, voluntarism and contributing to the welfare of the Ramat Hanegev community.


This year’s scholarships totaled NIS 750,000.


Laurence and Joan Davis took part personally in the scholarship award ceremony. They came to Ramat Hanegev especially for the event and dedicated the week prior to the ceremony to tours of the council and deepening their acquaintance with the region’s residents and educational institutions. We hope that representatives of the Las Vegas Jewish community will honor us with their presence next year too.