Economic Development

Economic Development in Ramat Hanegev


Ramat Hanegev Regional Council, the rural-desert “backyard” for the Beer Sheba metropolitan area, is concentrating efforts on promoting national, regional and local projects in its jurisdiction. Economic development includes infrastructure projects, e.g. power stations, roads, railways, commercial areas, tourism infrastructure and attractions. The council also promotes a variety of agricultural projects.


The council’s executive branch for promoting economic projects is the Ramat Hanegev Economic Development Company Ltd. The company’s CEO oversees all projects with the relevant government offices and public entities. The Economic Company also attracts entrepreneurs and companies from the business sector to leverage extension of the business circle and create new jobs.


The purview of the Economic Development Company is to:


  • Initiate financial development plans in the council’s jurisdiction.
  • Promote investments by entities in the government, public and private sectors.
  • Promote employment centers to leverage the intake of new families in the region.
  • Accompany national projects relating to IDF relocation to the Negev.
  • Promote projects on energy, in general, and renewable energy, in particular.
  • Accompany entrepreneurs and families that establish tourist, agricultural, industrial and commercial projects.
  • Promote economic development planning infrastructure in the council’s jurisdiction.