New Mexico

Cooperation between the New Mexico Jewish Community and Ramat Hanegev

In March 2015, the mayor of Ramat Hanegev Regional Council traveled to New Mexico for a meeting with representatives of the New Mexico Jewish community. At the conclusion of the meeting the parties agreed to establish a partnership between the Ramat Hanegev community and the New Mexico Jewish community.

 Ramat Hanegev – Israel’s largest regional council with a vast area comprising 60% of the Negev desert – faces great challenges in developing agricultural settlements and promoting demographic growth (increasing the number of Jewish residents) in settlements and communities in a remote and isolated desert region.

The New Mexico Jewish community (a desert region in the southwestern United States) is seeking an opportunity to strengthen the affinity, identity, and connection of Jews with Judaism, the Jewish People and the State of Israel.

 Therefore, the two communities have decided on cooperation based on the following principles:

 Whereas the two communities are committed to strengthening Jewish identity and the ties between Jews living in Israel and abroad, and to strengthening their ties to the State of Israel as a national home for the Jewish People in the Land of Israel;

 And whereas the two communities place great importance on strengthening the connection and the affinity between individuals, families and institutions of the two communities, especially the ties between the younger generation;

 And whereas the two communities believe that an active initiative should be taken for fulfillment of their joint vision;

 Both communities agree to strengthen and develop Jewish communities in Israel and the world by generating a sense of commitment and meaningful relationships between members of the communities, based on united efforts and a deep affinity and connection to a common Jewish identity through cooperation in various fields on which the communities shall decide through a joint steering committee representing the members of both communities;

For the purpose of achieving our common objectives of ensuring Jewish identity, growth and quality of life for all Jews everywhere; and this shall be achieved via personal face-to-face relationships of youth, young adults and adults, as well as professionals in various fields, educators and others;

 All parties recognize this unique opportunity for creating ties between the New Mexico Jewish community and the Ramat Hanegev community and therefore declare that:

  • The overall aim of the initiative and the cooperation agreement is to cultivate interpersonal relationships between members of the New Mexico Jewish Community and residents of Ramat Hanegev in Israel. The unique aim of the initiative and cooperation agreement is to strengthen the New Mexico Jewish community’s interest in the Jewish People and increase the direct involvement of the community and individuals in everyday life in Israel, in general, and Ramat Hanegev, in particular.
  • A joint steering committee for the two communities will be formed; its role will be to advise and endorse projects and topics for cooperation and for strengthening the Jewish identity of, and the bond between, the people of both communities.
  • The steering committee will be composed of leaders and public representatives from Ramat Hanegev and the New Mexico Jewish community.