Our partners and us: A report from the field

Where will two 10th graders study this year? Who donated money to the Tzin School treatment center and Shanty House horseback riding classes?

“Partnerships 2-gether”

Ramat Hanegev – Denver, Colorado; Ramat Hanegev – Las Vegas, Nevada:
Ramat Hanegev – Palm Springs, California


To all our overseas partners,

Wishing you a very happy and sweet New Year (Shana Tova) from the entire Ramat Hanegev family!


The Jewish communities are expanding their activities in Ramat Hanegev, and this year we were blessed by visits from many groups of teens and adults from all of our partnership communities.

Following a successful summer, we are in the midst of preparations for welcoming four more delegations expected to visit us in October and December from Denver, Colorado.

Representatives from our partnership communities will attend the General Assembly (GA) of Jewish communities in Jerusalem in November, and later this year we look forward to hosting additional delegations.

Las Vegas community –The community joined the “the growth space” project at the Mashabim School and increased its donations significantly. The community, at its own initiative, invited two 10th grade girls from Ramat Hanegev to attend a semester of studies at the Adelson Educational Campus in Las Vegas for 6 months.
The Vegas community is also planning to host a delegation of young adults from Ramat Hanegev.
The community will continue supporting the large scholarship fund established by the Davis family and the Jewish Federation of Las Vegas.


Palm Springs community – After sending 2 delegations to Israel this year, the first in May with 15 donors and the second comprised of 10 young adults who stayed in Pitchat Nitzana, the community developed a “taste for more” in its relations with Israel.
The community will assist Ramat Hanegev in student exchange programs, supporting and strengthening Pitchat Nitzana, helping the Tzin School treatment center and the horseback riding classes at Shanty House.

משלחת פאלם ספרינג ברמת הנגב מניחה זר על קברם של דוד ופולה בן גוריון מאי 2013. צילום רז ארבל | Palm Spring delegation Ramat Negev laying a wreath at the graves of David and Paula Ben Gurion in May 2013. Photo Raz ArbelDenver community – Our strong ties with the Denver community led to the Federation’s decision to sign an agreement of understanding for strategic cooperation between the two communities. The agreement, which is currently being drafted, is mainly concerned with the Federation’s recognition of Ramat Hanegev as one of the 3 most significant partners for financial support, educational programs, enhancing Jewish identity and augmenting the population in the Negev.
Following the success of having a young shaliach (Israeli emissary) at the Denver community center, we are sending an excellent new shaliach named Yoni Alon. We would like to thank Noam Dahari, a Nitzana graduate, for his wonderful path-breaking work in youth activities in Denver.

We are enlarging our representation in Denver and hope to interest the community in receiving two high school graduates for a year of community service. The Denver community shaliach, Michal Uziahu, is concluding her second year and continuing for a third.

ICE – The Ramat Hanegev student delegation of Environmental High School 10th graders are going to attend a two and a half week seminar at the Denver Jewish high school during Succoth.

Every year, we increase the number of counselors sent to summer camps. Kibbutz Sde Boker regularly recruits its young people to work at Ranch Camp. Keep up the great work, recruiters and recruits! We welcome offers from young adults after completing their army service to work as counselors at any of the four camps in Denver. The work begins in June and lasts until mid-August.

This year, several special activities took place thanks to the generous support of Denver donations – promotion of websites for women entrepreneurs, a medics’ course at Pitchat Nitzana, assistance for the young adults’ center, assistance for the treatment center, people-to-people relations and more. All joint activities are the initiative of community members, and we welcome any new idea or initiative, which will be considered to be placed on the partnership’s agenda both in Israel and overseas.

Raz Arbel, manager, Ramat Hanegev tourism and partnership department | 08-6565184