Nature, Floods and Flowers in Bloom

The winter of 2012-13 has brought a generous dose of rainfall to Ramat Hanegev, blessed rains that washed away the dust. The generous amounts of rain have filled up the streams and even caused flooding.


The “star” of the floods was the Revivim River where the gully filled with water flowing at full power, causing the residents of Retamim village to be “under siege” for two whole days. As usual in these cases, the council opened a situation room that monitored the needs, mainly at Retamim village but for a short period of time in Pitchat Nitzana, too.


Following the rains we are now enjoying a green Negev and glorious spring blooms. Green carpets can already be seen in the riverbeds and on the tops of the Negev Mountain range, interspersed with red anemones and tulips. During the month of March, pink and yellow Samson flowers will bloom and in late March we are expecting the large irises to make their annual appearance, too.