Colorado Public Officials Mission to Ramat HaNegev

ביקור משלחת אנשי ציבור מקולורדו 2015 | Colorado Public Officials Mission to Ramat HaNegev

We were honored to be visited by Colorado Public Officials Mission recently where we visited many aspects of our Ramat HaNegev Regional Counsel.

On 02-03.12 We were visited by a very special delegation from our Partners in Jewish Colorado.

The Public Officials Mission 2015 is a wonderful program sponsored by Jewish Colorado and brought Public officials, staff workers, volunteers and friends to Israel for a intense learning experience.

For many of them this was their first time in Israel. Here in Ramat HaNegev we spent the day seeing some of our wonderful programs and meeting different people through our community.

On arriving to the Regional Cousnel Offices we visited the new Command Emergency Center which was created in partnership with Jewish Colorado and met with our Police, Search and Rescue Team and Security Personnel.
In the Morning we traveled to the Ramon Air Force Base where we met with aviators and saw some of the technologies the IAF uses.
Afterwards we met with DJDS amazing HIP program at Ben Gurions grave for a meaningful ceremony and heard about the goals of this impressive program.
Then we traveled to Ramat HaNegev Research and Development For Advanced Agriculture where we showed how we work with our farmers to produce the best product. After a tasty lunch we traveled to the Egypt / Israel Border where we meet with IDF soldiers from the KarKal (Bobcat) coed combat unit and heard about the challenges on our border.
As the sun was setting we toured Nitzana and heard from Director David Palmach and the many leaders and participants of the incredible programs taking place at Nitzana that do so much for our youth.

Thank you all for coming to see us here in Ramat HaNegev and hope to see you again soon!

Jared White
Partnership Department Coordinator