Collaboration Agreement with the City of Denver, Colorado

הסכם ידידות רמת הנגב ודנבר. ריפמן וראש עיריית דנבר חותמים על הסכם ידידות בין הרשויות - Collaboration Agreement with the City of Denver, Colorado

After forming a deep impression of the tireless work, development, entrepreneurship and pioneering spirit he had witnessed during his visit to Ramat Hanegev in October, Mayor Michael Hancock of Denver invited our Council’s mayor, Shmulik Rifman, to sign a memo of understanding for collaboration between the city of Denver and Ramat Hanegev.


The signing ceremony took place in Mayor Hancock’s office, in the presence of CEO and president of the Jewish Federation, Mr. Douglas Seserman, as well as head of the Federation’s international relations, Mrs. Janet Sherman, head of the mayor’s office of international relations Mrs. Jamie Torr and other distinguished guests.

In his address, Mayor Hancock expressed his appreciation and thanks to Ramat Hanegev for the interesting visit to our region, the special experience he had at the Zin Elementary School thanks to the children’s lovely gesture of playing the music of Jimi Hendrix.

Shmulik Rifman expressed his appreciation for the work of Denver’s mayor and the special relationship he has built with the Jewish community there. The agreement was signed by Mayor Michael Hancock of Denver Colorado and Mayor Shmulik Rifman of the Ramat Hanegev Regional Council, as well as by one witness from each of the two communities: Doug Seserman CEO and president of the Jewish Federation as representative of the Denver community, and Raz Arbel, head of the Council’s partnerships department as representative of the Ramat Hanegev community.