Birthright Village – teens and young adults from abroad meet in Israel

A first for Israel: Jewish teens and young adults from North American communities really meet each other

A first for Israel: “Birthright Village”, the place where Jewish teens and young adults from North American communities really meet each other


This summer, the first Birthright Village event in Israel took place at Khan HaShayarot in Ramat Hanegev. Birthright Village was designed as a meeting place for the many teens and young adults who tour Israel during their summer vacation.


On the evening of the event some 500 Birthright students touring the country convened at Khan HaShayarot in Ramat Hanegev to share some enjoyable experiences.


The students who came to “Birthright Village” were booked in advance for activities in 15 assorted workshops led by artists, lecturers, farmers, yoga teachers, musicians, jugglers and others… all residents of the Negev.


At the end of the colorful and joyful “Happening”, everyone got together for a concert by the Jamen Band.


Gidi Mark, CEO of Birthright Israel, thanked Ramat Hanegev for its initiative and boldness in establishing Birthright Village and commended the extraordinary cooperation that led to the complex yet successful event. Addressing the large audience, the CEO emphasized the importance of developing the Negev and the key role and power that come from recruiting the entire Jewish People to help develop the region.


The project organizers view it as an opportunity for young adults from different Jewish communities throughout North America to get acquainted with each other in a fun event in which they take part in activities outside the homogeneous groups with which they travel around Israel.


In light of the success, two additional Birthright Village events will take place in Ramat Hanegev next month (on August 12-13).


Photo: entrance to Birthright Village