A unit of on-call paramedics established in Pitchat Nitzana קורס פרמדיקים בניצנה

A unit of on-call paramedics established in Pitchat Nitzana

As part of enhancing the security and readiness for states of emergency in the Pitchat Nitzana communities along the Egyptian border, and thanks to the generous assistance of the Denver community, we are currently establishing a unit of on-call paramedics. The aim is to improve response times and provide medical assistance as soon as possible, thereby improving the survival chances of the injured.


The unit will provide the primary medical response until an ambulance arrives at the scene of the incident and will assist ambulance drivers and escort the injured to hospital.


22 local citizens have volunteered for the unit and are taking a paramedic course at MDA (Magen David Adom – Israeli equivalent of the Red Cross). After graduating the course, the medics will be equipped with advanced first aid kits and communication devices. When a call for aid comes in at the MDA call center, details of the call will be transmitted to all the medics on call. The nearest available medic will respond, go to the location of the incident and provide medical assistance until the ambulance arrives. We are proud to be the first in Israel to establish such a unit of on-call paramedics in the outlying areas.